December 1 to 3, 2023


La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico

November 30 from 12:00 to 21:00.


Los Barriles, B.C.S.

December 1, 2023


Todos Santos, B.C.S.

December 3, 2023

How De Mar a Mar works


Mar a Mar is a stage race that crosses the Baja California Sur Peninsula from Los Barriles to Todos Santos.

It is a route of approximately 110km and 4,500m of positive elevation gain in total.


Between each stage, participants will arrive at campsites where they will be able to rest, eat, recuperate and socialize in order to give it all again and enjoy the following day.

It is a route of approximately 110km and 4,500m of positive elevation gain in total.

The Place

The Baja California Sur Peninsula is one of the most spectacular destinations in Mexico. Running De Mar a Mar will be an opportunity to discover its wonderful biodiversity, its culture and understand why it is a unique place in the world.


Terrain and climate

The places where Mar a Mar takes place are unique in the world and have great importance in terms of environmental and cultural conservation. It is possible that this is the only race of its kind, with the particularity of starting on a coast and crossing a mountain range, until it reaches the ocean.

Although Mar a Mar takes place at the end of autumn in the northern hemisphere, the different altitudes and biomes that are crossed along the route generate a wide range of weather conditions. However, the characteristic desert climate predominates, with cold at night and hot during the day. This time of the year is ideal because there is a greater probability of having warm temperatures and a greater amount of water in the streams and springs. This facilitates the hydration of the runners throughout the race.